Can't you lose any calories?

How to Lose Weight Fast and effectively

When you feel like losing weight, you must show motivation and determination, like mentioned on Don’t set your goals too high. Above all, you need to stay healthy and you need to eat a healthy diet. Some still underestimate this when they compare it to sport. There are still people overestimating the importance of sport in term of fitness and how you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Eat your fill

Rebalancing your diet does not mean you should deprive yourself of everything. You have to relearn how to follow a balanced diet without starving yourself. You can indulge in a few gourmet pleasures as long as you remain reasonable and don’t become too fond of them…

Eliminate temptation!

Take stock of your eating habits and eliminate all foods that are a temptation (sweets, cold cuts, fried food, etc.) If you are of the nibbling type, learn how to nibble in a healthier way with, raw vegetables, fruit, or dried fruits for example.

Drink water !

Water is essential to your diet. It helps detoxify your body and bring a feeling of satiety. Drink water, natural smoothies, fruit juices, or infusions. You can find good recipes on Les Jus De Legumes.


Regular exercise can help you lose weight. Sport helps you burn fat more easily and gain muscle mass quickly.

Don't ever skip a meal

Contrary to popular belief, you should never skip a meal when you want to lose weight. Eat at regular times, have breakfast, a mid-morning snack (a fruit for example) maybe a snack in the afternoon and have a light dinner.

Eat more slowly

It’s important to chew your food well. The speed at which you eat your food affects the way your body processes it. Take time to eat well and remember to enjoy your meal!

Sleep well

Sleep is fundamental to weight loss and nutrition. Sleeping between 7 and 8 hours is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

Consult a nutritionist

A nutritionist is a specialist in food and nutrition. He or she has an expert knowledge of the benefit and harm food can have on your body. After an examination, he’ll prescribe a dietary prescription with the number of calories per day to eliminate. He will adapt it to your needs to maintain a healthy weight.

Slimming treatments

This type of treatment helps weight loss. Slimming cures are administered by professionals. They are designed to train you to eat balanced and healthy meals, and reshape your figure to lose stomach, buttocks, or hip fat.

Detox cure

Eliminate toxins from your body. In some wellness centres, detox treatments are offered once a day to detoxify your body and help you lose weight quickly.


Slimming patches are an alternate solution for slimming down. Slimming patches are transdermal patches applied to an area of the skin to aid healthy weight loss. Their active ingredient blocks the enzymes that create fat. Adopt slimming patches with a healthy diet.