Good reasons to adopt organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are an expression of a green and healthy lifestyle. Those who care about the origin and quality of food are paying more and more attention to their cosmetics. Many people are sceptical and assume that organic cosmetics are less effective than conventional products. Here are a few arguments that will convince you otherwise.

Turning to organic cosmetics is taking it to the next level

Skin care requirements have increased. A modern organic beauty product is much more than beeswax and essential oils. It is a complex mixture of substances that ensures the well-being of the skin, a pleasant texture and a pleasure to care for. In addition to sustainable and holistic concepts, compatibility and effectiveness are of paramount importance for true natural cosmetics. Quality products, such as those from Havea, start at the base. The oily components of an emulsion are natural and organic vegetable oils and waxes that are similar to skin lipids. They have an excellent care effect due to their fatty acids and secondary plant substances and actively support the skin's metabolism. In the water phase, manufacturers of natural cosmetics often add plant and flower waters, called hydrolates, or plant juices to improve the care effect. Natural emulsifiers not only combine the oil and water phases. They also have care effects. They regulate, smooth, moisturize the skin or provide re-greasing. No chemosynthetic cocktails that are harmful to your health. Organic cosmetics are made of natural raw materials that protect people and the environment. Natural, vegetable and organic raw materials are the main ingredients and active ingredients of real natural cosmetics. Emphasis is placed on both the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. Chemical cocktails based on synthetic ingredients are prohibited in natural cosmetics. Experts at Havea explain that real natural cosmetics are free of petrochemical substances such as parabens, silicones, PEG, formaldehyde, aggressive surfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate, aluminum salts and synthetic fragrances and dyes.

The power of nature: long-term effectiveness

Everyone wants safe and long-lasting cosmetic products, but not at the expense of health. Conventional cosmetics are usually based on immediate short-term effects. Petroleum-based ingredients such as silicones provide rapid smoothing and silky shine to the hair. In the long term, they become dull, brittle and brittle. Vaseline and silicone oils in anti-ageing products also plump the skin and make it look fuller at first glance thanks to a film that retains the skin's moisture. However, the skin can neither breathe nor regenerate, and the boost effect is temporary and only lasts as long as the cream remains on the face. High-quality organic cosmetics, on the other hand, strengthen the skin's repair and protection mechanisms and effectively ensure a well-groomed and healthy appearance in the long term. (Medicinal) plant extracts and active ingredient complexes proven by recent research guarantee effective care that can stand up to any comparison with conventional skin care products.
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