Grandma’s recipe for losing weight

Diets and sports can help you lose weight. There are also grandmother's recipes that are effective for losing weight. You can choose from many easy-to-apply recipes. Here are some tips and tricks from grandma to maintain or regain an ideal weight.

Hot lemon water

Let's start with hot lemon water. A drink that promotes weight loss. You should know that lemon is full of vitamin C, iron and copper. Lemon helps the body eliminate calories. Hot lemon water is a proven slimming ally. It promotes good digestion. To enjoy the benefits of hot lemon water, drink a glass as soon as you get up when you are still fasting. Remember to make a homemade lemonade. For hot lemon water to be effective, you must limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Cider vinegar to lose weight

Cider vinegar is known to help you maintain a healthy weight. It is an excellent appetite suppressant. Cider vinegar allows you to carry out a detox cure. It contributes to good digestion. But to benefit from the virtues of cider vinegar, it is recommended to choose well. Industrial cider vinegar does not really bring the effect you wish. It is recommended to choose traditional organic vinegar. The use of cider vinegar is simple. Take a glass of warm water and add 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. Mix it all together. You can drink it 3 times a day. Preferably 30 minutes before the meal.

Nettle tea to lose weight

Nettle tea is part of grandmother's recipes to help fight overweight. A very old natural drink that you can use every day. The preparation of nettle tea is simple to make. Start by boiling water. Take some nettle leaves, avoiding stinging, and add them to the water. It does not take much time to make the herbal tea. You should know that nettle tea helps to burn fat masses. Do not hesitate to complement the use of nettle tea with sports activities.
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