Organic products: what you need to know before buying?

Let's talk in this article about organic, diet, organic products and natural products if you allow it! There have always been people trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but there are more and more of them these last few years. Living healthily and especially eating healthily is becoming not a fashion but a way of life as such. I am not the least bit surprised by this return to our roots. A few years ago, supermarkets did not pay much attention to consumer expectations. It was possible to buy in a mini health food section but on the organic side there were hardly more than 2 carrots and 3 potatoes fighting in a duel. Buyers who were ahead of the current trend were almost considered to be enlightened. Those days are beautiful and long gone. Our hypermarkets now offer their customers entire shelves of natural products and organically grown fruit and vegetables. For a long time, we fed our bodies with what tasted good or seemed convenient: ready meals, fresh sandwiches, cans of soft drinks, etc. and now we know for sure that it is not the healthiest for our bodies. No, it is not the best for our hip circumference or our health. When you do your shopping, you look for the department that suggests adding organic to your cart. You start looking for products that are entirely natural. But before you can do that, you need to know what all-natural means and what you need to observe to buy real organic products. Some products claim to be all-natural, but they're not. There are a few rules that producers must follow to put the organic label on their products, but not all of them are strong enough. Sometimes it's enough to stay below a certain chemical threshold to not have to put it on the product label. There are too many loopholes, and no one can agree on what really means natural or organic. If you think about it, everything is natural because it all comes from the land in the first place. Why isn't all cultivated land free of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals? A lot of things are changed in the laboratory or on the harvest or production site. But for some unscrupulous producers, if the fruit, vegetable, cereal, ... are made from a natural resource it is enough to call the fruit of their production "completely natural product". This is why the term can be misleading. If you really want organic products, you have to make your own investigation. This means that you have to learn to read the labels on the food you find in the shops. Don't accept "100% organic" without taking a closer look at what went into the food or the products you have on hand. If you are at home, you can rely on the Internet to help you. You will discover some strange words when you read a label. Don't trust your store blindly! Ask yourself if you want to get that unnatural chemical molecule into your body. Take the time to list every reference you don't know to learn what it really is and what it's used for. Once you have found a reliable place to buy your truly organic food, stick to it and keep in touch with that source. In France, these are usually organic cooperatives, but other economic systems exist. You can of course gradually incorporate organic ingredients into your daily diet. The flavours will inevitably be different but the benefits for your health will also be there. Once you have found the best supplier of quality organic food products, be aware that it might be difficult to find the same quality elsewhere. So stay true to this sign. Don't think about searching online to find these excellent products. You will be able to have non-perishable food delivered to your home from all over France and why not from all over the world... Most organic products are also available on the Internet - think about it if you are looking for the best for your health. Slimming healthily also means adding natural foods to our diet and gradually replacing all the industrial dishes that save us time and weight. To erase this damage, think about using a natural fat absorber and rebalancing your diet!
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